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Here's a short video of our roaster in action.
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Award Winner's Gift Box Award Winner's Gift Box

Two of our finest competition coffees for the connoisseur in your life.

Sale Price (Delivered): $39.00
Dark roast blend Barrister's Blend

Our dark roast blend in the West Coast tradition. Bittersweet, pungent, smoky, with good body. Featuring current crop coffees of South America, Indonesia, and East Africa.

Sale Price (Delivered): $15.00
Cold Brew Blend Cold Brew Blend

We developed this blend for our cafe customers and it has been a massive hit. Now available for the first time for home brewing.

Sale Price (Delivered): $14.00
Colombia Huila Swiss Water Process Decaf Colombia Huila Swiss Water Process Decaf

Medium-dark roast. Simple, mild,delicious, easy-drinking, Swiss Water Process decaf.

Sale Price (Delivered): $17.00
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Alemu Bukato Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Alemu Bukato

Very sweet lighter roast Ethiopia from the famed Yirgacheffe region and the birthplace of coffee.

Sale Price (Delivered): $15.00
Four Coffees Gift Box Four Coffee Gift Box

4 12oz bags of coffee, your choice, or let us pick for you. Custom dark chocolate bar.  White embossed gift box.

Sale Price (Delivered): $59.00 Plus a flat $12 shipping cost
Guatemala Huehuetenango Organic Guatemala Huehuetenango Organic

A tasty and very drinkable cup, medium-dark roast.

Sale Price (Delivered): $16.00
Guatemala Huehuetenango, La Colmenita Guatemala Huehuetenango, La Colmenita

Fresh and classic Guatemala Huehuetenango profile. A customer favorite year after year.

Sale Price (Delivered): $16.00
Mexico Chiapas Bella Vista Mexico Chiapas Bella Vista

If you have enjoyed our Guatemala Huehuetenango, you will like this one as well. The two regions are in different countries, but they share a border and a similar climate, soil, and growing conditions. This is an easy-drinking coffee. Simple, straightforward, and delicious.

Sale Price (Delivered): $15.00

Rise is a proprietary blend of coffees from three different origins that are chosen for their overall excellence, their complementary flavor profiles, and their ability to produce a consistent and superb cup of morning coffee. Try Rise as a morning drip coffee, but it also makes a nice punchy espresso that cuts through milk well. It is a medium-dark (Vienna) roast. It is moderately bright, balanced, semi-sweet with solid body. It really is “coffee worth getting up for.”

Sale Price (Delivered): $15.50
Photo Credit Sweet Maria's Rwanda Cyato

90 Points! A sweet and complex cup.

Sale Price (Delivered): $15.50
Slow Train Slow Train

For those times when you want to keep on drinking coffee but don't want the jitters that can come from too much caffeine. A perfect choice for the afternoon or evening.

Sale Price (Delivered): $15.00
Two Coffees Gift Box Two Coffee Gift Box

A 12oz bag of Rise and a 12oz bag of Winter Blend plus a custom dark chocolate bar. White embossed gift box.

Sale Price (Delivered): $34.00 Plus a flat $9 shipping cost
Ellie and Torres Lint on a seasonal pond created by the high water from Big Creek, Victor, Montana June 2010. Yellow Dog

Sale Price (Delivered): $15.00