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Here's a short video of our roaster in action.
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100% Pure Kona Extra Fancy

100% Kona Extra Fancy grade

Price: $37.50
Aqua Pura Aqua Pura Blend

Smooth, low-acid, rich and balanced blend of Organic coffees from Sumatra, Guatemala, and Colombia.

Price: $13.00
Award Winner's Gift Box Award Winner's Gift Box

Two of our finest competition coffees for the connoisseur in your life.

Price: $39.00
Dark roast blend Barrister's Blend

Our dark roast blend in the West Coast tradition. Bittersweet, pungent, smoky, with good body. Featuring current crop coffees of South America, Indonesia, and East Africa.

Price: $15.00
Big Creek Winter Blend

An annual favorite for the cold dark winter months.  This year's version contains all organically grown coffees, too.

Price: $17.00
Colombia Huila Swiss Water Process Decaf

Medium-dark roast. Simple, mild,delicious, easy-drinking, Swiss Water Process decaf.

Price: $17.00
Connoisseur's Wood Gift Box

Three of our highest scoring coffees in a beautiful laser-engraved wooden gift box.

Price: $69.00 Plus a flat $12 shipping cost
Costa Rica Tierra del Gato

"Softer than the velvet knickers on the Baby Jesus," is how Jim Stewart, Co-Founder of Seattle's Best Coffee, describes these beans that he handpicks and pulps on the farm right off the back of an old pickup truck.

Price: $25.00
Costa Rica Workshop Series

White Honey Process. Crystal clear clean and bright coffee best enjoyed black.

Price: $15.00
Custom Gift Box Custom Wood Gift Box

12oz bag of coffee (your choice, other than Kona) in a beautiful laser engraved slide top wooden gift box. Includes a custom-made dark chocolate bar and gift card with hand-written message. Laser engraved with our logo.

Price: $44.00 Plus a flat $12 shipping cost
Ethiopia Gedeb, Halo Beriti

An award winning lighter roasted washed Ethiopia, rated 94 points by The Coffee Review, our highest scoring coffee to date.

Price: $16.50
Ethiopia Gelana Abaya Natural Process

A complex and overtly aromatic natural process coffee from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. Sweet, balanced, with a smooth mouthfeel. Floral, with berry and dry red wine notes.

Price: $15.00
Ethiopia Sidamo

Price: $15.00
Four Coffees Gift Box Four Coffee Gift Box

4 12oz bags of coffee, your choice, or let us pick for you. Custom dark chocolate bar.  White embossed gift box.

Price: $59.00 Plus a flat $12 shipping cost
Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona

A clean, sweet, coffee with classic Guatemala attributes. Apple-like maaic brightness brightness at the front of the palate.  Clean finish. Dark chocolate.

Price: $16.50
Guatemala Huehuetenango Organic, Women Producers

This year's crop comes from a small group of women-owned and managed farms in the northern reaches of Guatemala. Legend has it that women in coffee have a tendency to be more meticulous in production and processing of raw coffee, often leading to a tastier cup. This lot supports that assertion.

Price: $16.00

Rise is a proprietary blend of coffees from three different origins that are chosen for their overall excellence, their complementary flavor profiles, and their ability to produce a consistent and superb cup of morning coffee. Try Rise as a morning drip coffee, but it also makes a nice punchy espresso that cuts through milk well. It is a medium-dark (Vienna) roast. It is moderately bright, balanced, semi-sweet with solid body. It really is “coffee worth getting up for.”

Price: $15.50
Rwanda  Nyamagabe Rwanda Nyamagabe

Rwanda represents our best-selling single origin coffee for the last four years. Try it to see why everyone loves it so much.

Price: $16.00
Slow Train

For those times when you want to keep on drinking coffee but don't want the jitters that can come from too much caffeine. A perfect choice for the afternoon or evening.

Price: $15.00
Two Coffees Gift Box Two Coffee Gift Box

A 12oz bag of Rise and a 12oz bag of Winter Blend plus a custom dark chocolate bar. White embossed gift box.

Price: $34.00 Plus a flat $9 shipping cost
Ellie and Torres Lint on a seasonal pond created by the high water from Big Creek, Victor, Montana June 2010. Yellow Dog

Price: $15.00