Explore the Finest Micro-lot Coffees of the World with us. Try an Exciting new Coffee Every Month!
Enjoy Exclusive Access to Some Great Small Lot Coffees not available to the general public.

Take a journey around the world with us as we explore the coffee belt--that famous band around the equator between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn-where the world's greatest coffees grow.

Coffees of the World monthly subscription.

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What is it?

We choose a new coffee to roast each month. The focus--as you'd expect-- will be on treating you to the best of the best. We'll also pay particular attention to seasonality. Coffee is an agricultural crop, with a harvest season much like any other crop. Generally speaking, more recently harvested coffees will offer more vibrant cup flavors. You might see selections from Central America in early Summer, from South America in the Winter, and so forth.

Since we're showing off the regional characteristics of each selection--the terroir--we will only be offering single origin coffees on this journey, no blends. The degree of roast spectrum will run from fairly light to medium-dark. You shouldn't anticipate many dark and oily coffees here, since the darker roast treatments tend to obscure the more subtle inherent bean flavors.

We source these coffees from estates and farms in very small quantities--so small, in fact, that we're not going to list them on our website or even sell them from the shelf in the shop. Instead, we're going to roast them lovingly, in small batches, just for those people who sign up for this unique coffee experience. If any of that month's coffee remains after subscribers have picked up their share, then we'll make it available to for general sale.

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What Do I Get:
One bag (12oz) whole bean coffee of that month's featured selection, and a printed card with detailed notes and information about the current selection.
How do I Pick Up? We'll send you an email when your coffee is ready for pickup, typically the first business day of each month. Come on in (or send someone in) to pick it up. There is no need to wait in line because your coffee will already be paid for.
Cost: Once per month, on the date we roast that month's featured coffee, we will charge your credit card $16. The process continues for 12 consecutive months. After that, you may renew if you wish.
What if I want to cancel? Inconceivable! However, if at any time you really wish to cancel, simply call or email and we'll take care of you.
Is my credit card secure? Absolutely. Your credit card information will be encrypted and securely stored. No one will have access to your actual card number.
Will you Ship my Coffee? Yes, for a flat shipping charge of $5 for each shipment, we'll gladly send your coffee anywhere in the USA.