Roasting small batches

Quality First

We devote the great majority of our time and energy toward finding the best un-roasted coffees from the world’s great growing regions through a network of specialty coffee importers.  Saying the coffee is a "Guatemala" is not enough; we want  to know the farmer's name, the elevation of the farm, the botanical varietal, and whether the coffee is from Antigua or Huehuetenango.


Fresh roasted coffee is vastly superior in flavor and aroma; problem is, most people have never tasted it. Your odds of finding freshly roasted coffee in the supermarket are next to zero.  While grocery store brands typically have a “best by” date that extends 6 months or more from the roast date, we think that coffee tastes best when consumed within 10-14 days of being roasted.

Our Roaster

Our coffee is hand roasted in small batches using a state of the art Diedrich Coffee Roaster. Diedrich is the industry leader in custom-built, American-made (but German-engineered) coffee roasters.

Our Roasting Process

Given our belief that every bean has a story and knowing that story adds to the experience, we look for the sweet spot for each coffee we offer through a process called profile roasting. We take an artisan approach, constantly tweaking time and temperature variables to find the individual sweet spot for each coffee.


Merging of old-world craftsmanship with modern technology. After the roastmaster develops a profile for a given coffee, we can then accurately recreate that profile with integrated computer hardware and software, assuring a consistent product to our customers.