Coffee Knowledge

We love what we do and we love to share what we’ve learned. In fact, it’s part of our mission to de-mystify specialty coffee. That’s why our roaster is set up right in the front of the shop--so people can see the process up close. We want you to see, hear, smell, and ask questions.

We also have a wealth of information available to share at no cost, from downloadable tip sheets to hands-on coffee brewing and appreciation classes. If you are able to visit us in person, we are happy to demonstrate proper use of all the grinders and brewers and gadgets we sell so you can get a feel for them and make an informed decision on whether to buy.

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Past highlights have included:

  • Diagnosing and correcting bitterness in coffee

  • How to order like a pro in a cafe

  • How to find great coffee when traveling away from home